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Stormtrooper Erik and Princess Juli

May the Force be with us!


This was a special custom set I made for my wedding rehearsal dinner - it sat on the table in front of us. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to put them on top of the actual wedding cake. Just as well, because I'm sure they'd have sugary icing all over them otherwise.

The direct inspiration for these figures was an invitation to the dinner that my mother made (see it on the Star Wars Wedding page). It includes childhood pics of me in a stormtrooper costume and Juli as Princess Leia with the popular buns hairdo.

Me: The head received all of the attention here. I spent several hours cutting and filing the hair to make it more like mine. I think it came out pretty good. The face could be slightly better, such as having a more suiting nose, but I was pressed for time when I made this. The hair color is actually a better match to mine in person. If I'd had the Commtech stormtrooper body available when I made this, I would have used that. As it was, I wanted to use the body of my not-too-buff stormtrooper, but the vintage helmet wouldn't fit over my head.

Juli: I wasn't really sure what Juli's dress looked like when I made this, but I think I came pretty close. The base for this figure is the Leia figure from the "Leia & R2" two pack. I used that one because I wanted to use the head with the buns. Not that Juli wears buns in her hair, but it was more in theme with the rehearsal dinner invitation. Then I used the skirt from the "Leia & Luke" two pack. The train is the dress from the "Leia & Han" two pack, attached with the belt from the "Leia & R2" two pack. The veil is a piece of tulle bundled behind the head with one of those clear rubber bands. The Slave Leia chain was a last minute accessory that really "made" the set.

If you got a kick out of this custom, you might also enjoy my Star Wars Wedding page.



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