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Non-Buff Rebel Fleet Trooper III
(Firing Pose)


This figure is a variation on my Non-Buff Rebel Fleet Trooper II. The main difference is that I used the arms and torso from the Jedi Duel Luke, and a Ceremonial Luke pelvis. I'll discuss this recipe assuming you've already read the recipe for my Rebel Trooper II (lazy tip: the legs are from Weequay).

The face is Darth Maul's painted with a flesh tone. He also has some sculpey hair painted brown. His chin was cut off, and the chin guard from the Buff Rebel Trooper was glued in its place. To make the helmet straps, I glued on some clear little rubber bands (the ones from Cinema Scenes) and painted them black.

I hate when I paint a hand only to have the paint wear off, leaving a palm that's a different color. For that reason the right gloved hand was cut off and replaced with a Tarkin right hand. The left arm was cut at the elbow and repositioned slightly, and the left hand was repositioned at a 90 degree angle.

The right leg was repositioned by cutting a pie-shaped wedge out of the front of the ankle and gluing the pieces together. The left leg was repositioned by cutting a wedge out of the back of the knee and another wedge out of the front of the ankle.

Some FIMO was added to the sleeves to make them fuller, and the collar on the shirt is also FIMO. The pocket on the left leg and the holster on the right hip are made of FIMO too.

The vest was modified a little by cutting larger arm holes, so that the arms could meet in front of the figure. The vest was then glued in place.

  To see how to make his gun, check out my Correct Rebel Fleet Trooper Rifles. For other non-buff figures, see my Non-Buff stormtrooper, Greedo, Lando, Boba Fett, and Carbonite Han.


This page last modified on 8/25/2006
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