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Redone Boba Fett Rifle


I was happy with my previous version of this weapon, which was based on Yoshi Martinez's recipe. However, I was forced to change it when Kyle S. pointed out some inaccuracies and directed me to, which has a photo of the gun used to create Fett's gun. After viewing the pictures on that site and about 5 different pictures of Fett holding his gun, I've put together - as best as I can - a gun which more accurately represents Fett's weapon. The stock is not an exact match, but I think it's pretty good considering his hand has to be able to get around the handle.

What you need:

  • stock from Sandtrooper heavy blaster (1)
  • middle portion and stock from Biggs rifle (2)
  • scope and barrel from Boba Fett rifle (3)

In addition to the obvious alterations, the trigger was cut off, reversed, and glued back on a little closer to the handle. The bottom of the handle was cut down a little bit to match the angle of the stock. The scope was also shortened on both ends. To see this weapon in action, check out my Non-Buff Boba Fett. To see some other customized weapons, check out my Correct Rebel Fleet Trooper Rifles.



This page last modified on 8/25/2006
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