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Bo Shek


Since I am trying to fill up my Cantina, and I came across Kenner's Bossk on sale, I figured it was time to try my hand at Bo Shek. In case you don't know, Obi Wan is seen talking to Bo Shek in the Cantina right before Chewbacca. Anyway, it seems that every customizer and his jawa is making a Bo Shek these days, but I made mine in a way that is a little different.

The majority of body is from Kenner's Bossk. The forearms are from Ponda Baba, with the hands and arms sanded down and thin rubber bands glued around the wrists. The boots are from the Rebel Fleet Trooper, but boots from any number of figures would probably be fine. As you can see, the bandolier garters have been cut off of the legs because the figure would have been too tall otherwise. I also cut the body at the waist and filed down the top of the pelvis piece and the bottom of the torso to make the mid-body shorter as well (remember that Bossk is rather tall). Naturally, the figure's waist does not turn.

The head is from a yellow and red flamethrower GI-Joe, with the hair painted black and sideburns added. Getting the head to fit was a bit tough, but with some filing and gluing I was able to get it to sit right, and it still turns.

One of the main challenges of making Bo Shek is the paint job. This is because he appears in Star Wars for no more than 5 seconds and only from the waist up. It's difficult to see whether his suit is dark green or black, so I have opted for a very dark green. I have seen other customizers' versions of Bo Shek with elbow-length gloves in dark red, black, or white, but when I watched the scene frame by frame, his gloves seemed to be wrist-length (like the gloves for the spacesuits in 2001) and dark red. What his boots look like is anyone's guess, but I figured that they might match his gloves and the collar of his suit.



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