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Han Solo in Endor Bunker Gear


This custom figure just kind of spontaneously happened. I guess I got tired of seeing the Han Solo in Trenchcoat in my Endor Battle diorama. I used the Han Bespin head, torso, and legs, the Han Carbonite arms, and the pelvic piece from a regular Han (to give him the right belt). I used the Han Bespin torso because 1) I wanted to have Han with the double-breasted shirt he wore in the movie and 2) I liked the way the jacket didn't cling to his body (like the vest clings to the body of the regular POTF2 Han). Most of the work was painting, but I had to trim down the collar on the Han Bespin jacket to make it look like a vest, and I had to cut down the arms to make them less muscular. (And if you're curious, the arms are the same color as the shirt; the scan didn't get the colors quite right.)



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