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Dead Stormtrooper

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He's dead, Jim.


This figure was a lot more trouble than I thought it would be. Since my spare parts were limited, I was forced to use a stormtrooper head, arms, and torso with cleaned-up (ala paint remover) sandtrooper legs and pelvis. Optimally, it would have been done with the Luke Stormtrooper from the cinema scene, substituting a cleaned-up right arm from a sandtrooper.

Anyway, where to begin? The head was made by dremelling out the base of the stormtrooper head and gluing in the neck and chin of another figure's head (I used the chin and neck of a Biggs, but I'm sure just about any will do). I had to cut off the little black pockets on the sandtrooper legs, and then sand the area down with some 600 density sandpaper. The left and right elbows are made with sculpey, as is the left armpit. The blaster shot was dremelled into the chest and painted black. Finally, I repositioned the legs so they would look more like the figure was laying limp. I finished up the whole thing with some watered-down grey (to resemble carbon scoring) and some dull-coat lacquer to take away his shine.

Using my scanner method, it was pretty hard to get a good shot of this guy. What I did was take one of the bases from a vintage Star Wars vinyl carrying case, use a lot of putty to fix him to the surface, and then I put the whole thing face down on two shot glasses on my scanner (for support). Does that make sense?



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