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Cantina Dude


The Cantina Dude, aka Cantina Patron, is a pretty easy custom to do if you can get your hands on a Johhny Quest Shuttle Pilot helmet. The body is Bossk's (duh), and no repainting is necessary because the uniform is exactly the same. I copied Stephen Hayford's Cantina Patron since it seemed to be pretty accurate (especially with the tubes) according to the scene in the cantina. The tubes I got from a Star Trek Borg figure - I had to paint them black. They are glued into small holes that were dremelled into the back of the torso and helmet. The gloves are from a Luke X-Wing and the boots are from a regular POTF2 Han Solo (all of which were painted black to match). I used those parts because I just had them lying around, but the best gloves and boots to use are probably those of the AT-ST Driver. The hardest part of this was filing down the sharp edges of the Johnny Quest helmet so that it would be a little more smooth. There is no head under the helmet, mainly because it would never be seen even if there were. I also had to cut a little off the body's neck to get the helmet to sit at the right level.



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