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Review: Magic of the Myth Exhibit
Imperial Fighters


Here's a good close-up of the TIE Fighter. This model sports the blue color scheme of ESB and ROJ.


Here's a shot of the TIE Bomber. Notice that the support for the right wing seems to be missing something on the bottom.


A not-very-good shot of the TIE Interceptor. Take a good look at the hatch on the top, and you'll notice it's on wrong. Somewhere on the tour of this exhibit, I imagine the hatch fell off and was put back on by someone who couldn't tell the difference between an ugnaught and bantha poodoo. Forget that they had other TIE models to compare it to; couldn't they at least have put it on symmetrically?

"Hey Joe, after ya finish cleaning dem toilets,
can ya go fix dat rocket ship?"


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