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Review: Magic of the Myth Exhibit
Rebel Alliance Ships


Here's a close-up of the Escape Pod. Not much else to say.

The X-Wing is one of those models that I could have stared at for an hour. Looking at the wing markings, you will see that this is Red 3, Wedge Antilles' X-Wing. Notice that the pilot in the cockpit has a very generic looking helmet that is definitely not Wedge's.

The Millennium Falcon is yet another amazing model. There are plenty of little blaster craters all over the hull. When I looked under the ship, I noticed that most of the bottom was painted black. I'm not sure why, but I guess it had to do with the way it was being filmed for a certain sequence. One neat detail I've never noticed before is the dark gray marks on the back of the radar dish.

The B-Wing is one of my favorite ships from ROJ, so I naturally had to snap a photo. The picture I took of the rear didn't come out well at all, but the thrusters on the back, like those of the Star Destroyer, were reflective silver with light bulbs in them.


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