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Guest Customizers

Glen from Sydney, Australia


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Diorama Shelves

Mos Eisley with cantina. Luke meeting jawas and also 1.5 x 1.0 metre Jawa Sandcrawler (custom).

Mos Eisley

Droid Search

Sandcrawler 1

Sandcrawler 2

Hoth Battleground: background mountains as per Finland/Hoth!! 4 At-Ats, 3 At-Sts, 12 hoth soldiers, some cannons and an ice base, one side facing the rebels. 4 Rebel snowspeeers flying around.
Echo Base: 3 x-wings, 1 falcon and 2 snowspeeders, with about 30 rebels around (hoth han, leia, luke and other personnel like luke x-wing) including probe droid and hoth wampa with luke upside down.

Battle of Hoth

Hoth Echo Base

Jabba's Palace
Awesome set up of Jabba's room with about 50 courtiers, numerous domes and galleries, with Jabba just above a Rancor pit. Rancor pit below, made from styrofoam, and with Luke and a rancor. next to a torture chamber (not shown), with ev-9d9, droids, etc, and 2 yak faces there as well.

Jabba's Palace 1

Jabba's Palace 2

Jabba's Palace 3

Jabba's Palace 4

Rancor Pit

Sarlacc Pit
Custom 1.85 metre sail barge with Jabba and about 30 courtiers, watching 2 vintage 1985 POTF skiffs with luke, han, and all being chucked into the pit. Background: dune sea.

Sarlacc Pit 1

Sarlacc Pit 2

Sarlacc Pit 3

Rebel Docking Bay
Rebel docking bay: 3 x-wings, 2 y-wings, 2 b-wings, 1 falcon, 2 vintage A wings, and about 40 rebels with space background. Overlooked by rebel meeting room which has maybe 20 - 30 rebels and a new mon motha.

Rebel Docking Bay 1

Rebel Docking Bay 2

40 imperials, about 50 ewoks, and 20 rebels. 1 ewok village, 1 At-At, 4 At-Sts. Still to make a good custom ewok village!!

Endor 1

Endor 2

VINTAGE BOXED: At-At ESB Box, At-St, droids a wing, landspeeder, millennium falcon (canadian SW and ESB boxes, normal SW and empire boxed), rebel transport, sandcrawler, imperial shuttle, skiff, slave 1 empire, jedi snowspeeder, SW boxed tie fighter, tie interceptor and dv tie fighter, x-wing (sw box and empire and battle damaged and jedi battle damaged boxed), creature cantina (not one with blue snaggletooth), dagobah, darth vader's star destroyer, droid factory, ewok village, jabba playset, land of the jawas, turret and probot set. Micro: hoth generator attack, hoth ion cannon, hoth wampa cave hoth world, bespin gantry, bespin freeze chamber, bespin world, bespin control room, death star escape, tie fighter, x-wing.

Boxed Collection

More Boxed Items


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