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Correct Rebel Fleet Trooper Rifles


Here are three different versions of the Rebel Fleet Trooper rifles as they should be, based on the guns that are used by the rebel soldiers at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope. It amazes me that the folks at Kenner were not able to easily figure this one out, since they are obviously good at using pieces-parts to make guns for other figures. (Check Nien Nunb's rifle and compare it to Chewbacca's long rifle - not the crossbow - and the Sandtrooper rifle.)

The back half of each of the above is the back half of the gun that comes with the AT-ST driver, Lando, and the Luke and Han Stormtrooper Cinema Scene figures. The red line indicates the place of cutting. The front of the first gun is from the Kenner Rebel Fleet Trooper blaster. It was turned upside down (you can see the black portion on the bottom of the barrel instead of the top). The ammo clip was also cut from the side. With the leftover pieces, you can make a typical imperial blaster.

The second gun is basically the same as the first, except that the place of cutting is further toward the back of the gun (the scope portion was not cut, however). The ammo clip was then cut off, as was the "black line" portion on the top of the barrel. This one came out a little crooked, but that is due to my cutting. Even though it may make more sense to cut the barrel as on the first rifle, I find that the place of cutting and the positioning of the scope as on the second gun allows for a more secure gluing. You can also make a typical imperial blaster with the leftover pieces from this gun as well.

The third gun uses the front portion of the Biggs rifle, with the "black line" cut off.



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