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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Imperial Navy Crewman


What you need:

  • Vintage AT-ST Driver
  • Piett head
  • Tarkin forearms

Start by pulling off the vintage AT-ST driver's head. At least on my figure, the peg went into the head (shown above right). No boiling was needed to take the head off, just a good pull. To get Piett's head to work with the vintage peg, I had to cut off the peg, drill a hole in it, and use the round drillbit on my dremel to widen the hole at the center.

Next cut off the AT-ST Driver gloves and replace with the Tarkin forearms. Use sculpey to blend the seam together. Paint with a flat black on the jumpsuit and hat, and a gloss black on the boots and belt. Use silver for the belt buckle, hat pip, and shoulder insignia. That's right! I painted the shoulder insignia by hand. Painting the insignia was a painstaking 45 minute process that I was only able to pull off by using a sharp toothpick. Hopefully, I'll never have to do it again. (You don't have to, if you download my Logo Sticker Sheet for Figures.)

If you want to make this guy and save yourself some time, just paint the Imperial Scanning Crew member black (if you don't mind shelling out $15-20 for the carrying case).

This guy can be seen mostly in The Empire Strikes Back. You'll see him hanging around most Star Destroyers. There's a good shot of him looking at a datapad as Vader walks off the bridge after the Falcon escapes Bespin and jumps to hyperspace. I dug up the picture below, which is the best I could do. It's from a vintage Topps Empire Strikes Back card that shows a different camera angle of Vader accepting Captain Needa's apology. Interestingly, the card is incorrectly titled "Death of Admiral Ozzel." If you watch this scene in the movie, you can see the crewman in black standing in the same place.



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