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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Imperial Army Trooper


Take an AT-ST Driver, and replace his torso with the one from General Veers. Then add a Snowtrooper's backpack and thermal detonator on the back of the belt, and a Han Solo holster (with a little sculpey) for the blaster on the right leg. This was not as simple as it looks, because the General Veer's head and arms all pulled out with the pegs still in the torso. I guess the pegs were made very wide. I also had to lengthen the neck a bit with a piece from someone's arm.

Now let me tell you about a very stupid thing I did. I was trying to get the paint off of the torso by dabbing a cottonball in acetone and rubbing it on. I noticed the detail on the torso was starting to disappear a little bit, and cotton strands were getting stuck all over the torso. So I decided that I'd pour some acetone on the torso to see if that would work better. THAT WAS PROBABLY THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE TO A FIGURE. The torso began to slowly "melt" before my eyes, so I immediately stuck it under running water to stop it. Luckily, I was able to save it in time (after about 3 hours of restoring the detail using my dremel, a metal file, and sandpaper). So I recommend using EXTREME caution with acetone.

This guy never appears in any Star Wars movie. He's a regular army trooper, whereas Stormtroopers are elite troops. This uniform is described in one of the West End Games sourcebooks - I had the idea to add the Snowtrooper backpack though.



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