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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Jason Weatherly
Captain Antilles

Recipe and picture by Jason Weatherly


He is made from a Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet, Space Quest head, Dagobah Luke chest, Endor Han coat and arms, and Ponda Baba torso and legs.

On the head, I glued on a chin strap and painted the straps. I cut the coat down into a waist jacket. Capt. Antilles jacket has a wide collar like Han's coat. Also this kept me from having to put the insignia on the jacket. I think most people have customized the insignia the wrong anyway. I know he is a Capt. and the tech. journals only show 3 dots in a "v" for a captain, but watch the scene closely and see if he does not have 5 dots in an "x" and let me know. I painted the shoulders of the jacket dark brown and the rest of the jacket and arms khaki brown. I also painted the shirt green. I added black stripes down the legs of the pants (you can barely see them).



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