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Jason Weatherly
Custom Death Star Playset

Recipe and Pictures by Jason Weatherly


This playset was made using foamboard, the detention cell playset, bridge playset, and a cardboard tube. This playset is approx 30" wide, 24" tall, and 12" deep. It contains 2 hallways, the targeting room, detention block, detention cell, trash compactor, and bridge with a lift tube running through the middle of it. All the pieces were cut out and glued together. Once glued I painted it with primer grey paint. I then used backgrounds found in the Stickers & Backgrounds section at Erik's site.

It really isn't a good design to actually be a "playset," but it worked okay to take diorama pics. For those wondering, the detention door does still work and if you put a figure in the grate, he will fall into the trash compactor. The computer console was made by cutting a plastic container into pieces and gluing them together. I then painted it black and added decals. I removed the gun from the detention cell and glued it to the top of the lift tube to work as a turbo laser. I filled in the hole in the detention cell with foamboard and glued it to pieces of plastic tubing to wall. Sometime in the future I plan on scrapping this playset and making a bigger one, with more "play value."

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

"And now, your highness, we will discuss the location of your hidden rebel base."

"Charming to the last."

"She's rich."

"I can't see a thing in this helmet."

"This isn't going to work."

"Where are you taking this .. thing?"

"This is some rescue."

"Alright flyboy, into the garbage chute."

"I have a bad feeling about this."

"have you seen the new BT-16?"

"I think I took a wrong turn."

"For luck."

"The circle is now complete."



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