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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Jason Weatherly

Recipe and picture by Jason Weatherly


Guri is made from a slave Leia and ewok celebration Leia (PLC). I used the slave Leia head. I cut off the back of it, and glued on the hair from the ewok Leia, using sculpey to blend it in. I trimmed the length of the hair to just longer than shoulder length, then painted her hair blonde.

I added sculpey to her breast to giver her fuller - i.e. bigger - breast (as in the comics, cards, etc.). I added sculpey to make her gloves and glued pieces of rubber bands on the upper arms. I also used sculpey on her boots to make them look plainer. I then painted her similar to the color scheme in the comics; this was so I would not have to paint the skirt.



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