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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Jason Weatherly

Recipe and picture by Jason Weatherly


The one on the left is made from a Garindan body, Bossk head, Flashback Obi Wan cloak, and Darth Maul gloves. I didn't want to paint this figure and I didn't have much of a resource to go from, so I just left him grey and black. I trimmed the cloak into a vest and just left it brown. I did paint the eyes all the way black on both figures.

The one on the right is made from a Bossk head and Greedo body. I trimmed down the arms and legs of both figures. This one got some Sculpey on it, which the other one did not need due to the fact he has gloves. I added a Sculpey vest and collar and painted. I was not satisfied with this one, so I bought a Wing Commander figure with the collar up, and I'm currently updating the figure.



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