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Kir Kanos (Imperial Guard)

For those who don't know, Kir Kanos is a figure I have been working on since December 1998, making little changes and modifications along the way. I think this is my 5th update. I'll discuss Kir from top to bottom, with accessories last.

The head is from one of the human Space Quest figures, purchased at a Dollar Tree (I think these figures are also available in sets at K-Mart). The neck, which has been covered by two layers of clear rubber bands, is from Han Solo, as is the head peg (FYI, the whole head used to be Han's). I scratched the face with an X-Acto knife to make the scar, and I highlighted the scar with a little white and red paint. The stubble was made by painting on a faint beard and then scratching it with an X-Acto knife.

The torso is a heavily modified Luke Coruscant Guard torso. I filed the stomach part of the torso smooth (on the front and back) and then used FIMO to build up the ridges on his stomach. This was very hard and I had to try several times to get it where I was happy with it. I also filed the "breast" part of the torso so that it didn't go down as far. If you have a Dremel, it will come in handy while filing down the torso. The torso on the blue Coruscant Senate Guard is too narrow and not muscular enough for Kir Kanos. Even if I did have a spare Coruscant Senate Guard, I wouldn't have used it.

Torso in progress

The top of the arms and the forearms are from Boba Fett. I filed off the tube on the right arm. The arms were extended a little using elbows from a Rebel Fleet Trooper. The shoulders were built up with Sculpey. I used spare pieces of model plastic to add detail to the wrist guards.

Both wrists are articulated, which allows him to hold his staff with both hands. For this type of articulation, you need to start by cutting the arm about halfway down the forearm, then cutting it again at the wrist. Now the arm should be in three pieces: the hand, the lower forearm, and the top part of the arm with the shoulder peg. Drill a skinny hole through the lower forearm. Place a nail through the hole in the forearm, with the pointy end coming out at the wrist. Then push the hand into the pointy end of the nail and glue it in place. Lastly, hollow out a small space at the top part of the arm, so that there's just enough room for the nail's head. Then glue the top part and the lower forearm together, not getting any glue on the nail.

The pelvis piece is from a Luke Coruscant Guard. The crotch part of the pelvis was filed smooth. I also glued some little gadgets and pouches to his belt.

I used Lando General legs, since I think the dynamic action stance suits Kir Kanos very well. I've gotten some negative feedback on them, but all the other legs I've seen on other people's versions look so statue-like. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them.

The holster on the right leg is from a Rebel Fleet Trooper, and the top part that stretches up to the belt is Sculpey. I added a little FIMO to the boots to make them pointy at the knees. I realize that the boots on my figure do not come up as high as they do in the comics; I did this on purpose. I've always felt that, despite the rest of his cool costume, the silly hip-high boots made him look like he was going to break into a ballet-spin after he killed someone. I think the lower boots look more serious, while still keeping the same general look. Call it artistic license.

The POTF2 Royal Guard helmet has been hollowed out to fit over the Space Quest head. You'll need a Dremel and a lot of patience for this. I don't think a vintage Royal Guard helmet is big enough to fit over a head.

The staff took a lot of work. I was hoping to get some feedback on this. The handle is made from the handle of Captain Piett's staff (in the very middle), pieces of the Leia Boushh weapon on either side of that, and ended with small round pieces from the Luke Coruscant Guard weapon. The blades are serious modifications of a sword from a Dinosaur Transformer, but any pieces of plastic will do.

The covers of the comics show the blades on his staff pointing in the same direction, but inside the comic shows them pointing in different directions. I went with the latter, figuring the blades facing opposite directions would do more damage when taking on attackers from front and behind. Does anyone (maybe someone with martial arts experience) have ideas on which is more deadly?

The cape is from a piece of red polyester fabric. I tried to match the look and feel of the vintage Lando General cape, which I always thought was very nice. The cape, when laid down flat, is about the shape of a semi-circle. It was cut near the neck and sewed together for a better fit.

Lastly, I painted him red, black, and gray. A gloss coat was used on the chest armor, shoulder guards, and wrist guards. Everything else got a flat coat.

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