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Lando in Coruscant Guard Disguise

3-4-99 Update

    Here's my final version of Lando in the Coruscant Guard Disguise. I improved on my original version (described below) by gluing those clear little rubber bands (that often come in Kenner packaging) around the figure's neck. I painted the turtleneck grey, along with the inner thighs. Then I painted the gunbelt and holsters black, with some glossy silver highlights on the belt and torso. I have also redone my Luke in Coruscant Disguise, which can be seen here.



For the Lando Guard figure, I began with the Luke in Guard Disguise Figure pictured at left. I first cut off Luke's head and fished out the stub from the neck-hole with a fine-nosed pliers (this was before I knew about the boil and pop method). Then I removed the head from the Lando figure (center) by cutting open the torso. That was before I learned about the boiling water method, which I now recommend. By trimming down the nub on the head a little, I was able to place it (this is the hard part) into the neck-hole on the Luke figure. Lastly, I painted the neck grey to resemble a body-glove turtleneck. The end result is pictured at right.



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