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Vintage Leia in Bespin Escape Outfit


If you want to have a worthwhile Bespin diorama (especially in the carbon freeze chamber), this figure (at right) is a must. I used the vintage Hoth Leia (at left) exclusively. The torso was cut down and sanded, as were the jacket portion of the legs and the boots. I also cut the comlink off the left forearm. I then painted the body white, the hands flesh, and the hair a little darker. All the sculpting and sanding took at least 5 hours. I noticed later that her face is a little different - it looks more serious, which isn't bad considering she wants to get Han back. It's pretty good for a vintage custom, but I am much happier with my POTF2 version: Bespin Escape Leia.



This page last modified on 8/25/2006
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