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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997


Metal Rebel Font

This Star Wars font was inspired by writing on the Y-Wing helmet worn by Grey Leader in Return of the Jedi.



This font includes all English letters, numbers, and common punctuation marks (basically, all the stuff displayed on the keyboard). Uppercase and lowercase letters are identical except that uppercase letters have a slightly taller spine. Also, kerning has been enabled for this font (see "Reducing Spacing Between Letters" on my Galactic Basic page for a discussion of kerning).


Accuracy of This Font

There are only 11 "canon" letters in this alphabet, taken from two Y-Wing helmets in ROJ. Grey Leader's helmet (at left) was the main reference, especially for the style of the letters. The picture comes from Star Wars Celebration II, held in 2002 in Indianapolis. The other Y-Wing helmet (at right) is a replica of a helmet featured in the book The Star Wars Chronicles.

Thanks to Marc Miller and Steve for use of these images
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(Interesting Note: On the front bottom of Grey Leader's helmet, you'll see a circular red sticker with white text above it. The text says "Bolinas". The sticker is actually for "Radio Free Bolinas", a now defunct pirate radio station that used to broadcast from the offices of the Public Utility Distrinct on the Bolinas Mesa in Marin County, California, which was not far from the ROTJ prop shop. - Thanks to "Howlrunner" from for the info.)

In my font, these 11 canon letters are represented as: A, D, E, H, I, L, N, O, R, S, T. These are the 11 most frequently used letters in English. I chose them so that written passages would look as canon as possible. I modeled the other letters in this font to match the "square-ness" of the canon letters, which bear a faint resemblance to a sans-serifed Hebrew.

The concept for numbers comes from one of the markings on the side of Grey Leader's helmet. Since I had a kind of Hebrew theme going, I also used that as an inspiration for the numbers. Modern Hebrew commonly uses arabic numerals (1-9), but in ancient Hebrew, letters of the alphabet got double-duty as numbers. So, I based numbers 1-9 (and 0) on the first 10 letters of this font.



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