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Multi-Purpose Ben Kenobi

"If you customize me, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."


Going from left to right, the first picture shows how the Multipurpose Ben should be painted. If you are wondering why I painted the legs brown, be patient; I'll get to that. The second picture shows Ben with his hood up, as when he's dueling Vader. The third Ben shows him with his hood down, like in the cantina. The fourth Ben is a Landspeeder Ben; his legs are brown so that you can bend them (so he sits in the landspeeder) and they will look like his cloak. All of these are the same figure with different accessories. I'll explain how to make everything below.

Start off with the easy stuff - painting the legs, pelvis, underarm area and a little bit of Ben's shoulders brown. Do not use the Cinema Scene Obi Wan figure for this; it suffers from an overdose of steroids and will be too big. I used a dark brown to paint him, so I had to repaint the arms and turtleneck as well; if you feel like trying to match the original brown of his arms, feel free.

Now on to the accessories. I got an Emperor and hollowed out his head so it was just a hood (it took a while to get it right). Then I took the emperor's cloak and cut off the clasp and a little of the cloak near the clasp. Then I cut out the robe part on the Kenner Obi Wan cloak and glued this robe part, with some modification, into the left side of the new Ben cloak. I also glued an extra little piece from the Cinema Scene Ben's cloak into the right half of the new Ben cloak. Next, I cut off the folded-down hood from the back of the Kenner Obi Wan's cloak; I glued some string to it so it could be put around Ben's neck. Finally, I took a vest from one of the cantina band members and trimmed it down a little bit to about waist length. I then painted all accessories brown to match the Ben figure and painted the robe portion of the cloak cream to match Ben's shirt.

Now there's a reason this is not called the All-Purpose Ben. That's because there's still one major Ben that cannot be done with the Multipurpose Ben - the Ben in the robe, as when he explains the Force to Luke in the Millennium Falcon. Check out my Force-Training Ben Kenobi to see how I used the leftover parts from the Emperor.



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