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Stubbornly refusing to go away since 1997

What's New

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Happy Birthday to! This site made 8 years on 12-17-2005.

If any of you have been waiting for my editorial on Celebration 3, you'll have to wait a bit longer. I made considerable progress before Hurricane Katrina, but it will be some time until I can access the computer I saved my files on.

I have a small update for now. In the Desktop Wallpapers section, I've posted some updates for the Escape to Yavin IV wallpaper:
     Escape to Yavin IV 1024 x 768 - updated
     Escape to Yavin IV 1280 x 1024
     Escape to Yavin IV 2560 x 1024 (Dual Monitor)

Please note that I have a new e-mail address:

And if you've sent me something in the last few months, I will be posting it soon. My life is slowly returning to normal.


As some of you may know, I live in the New Orleans area, which was recently hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. I've had several people e-mail me asking how I am, so I just wanted to say I'm OK. Both my and my wife's families all made it out of the New Orleans area and are safe. Fortunately, my house had no flooding and only some minor shingle damage on the roof. We were very lucky.

And now, a very small update. Here are two desktop wallpapers (1024 x 768) I made using screen captures from the official 2004 Star Wars DVDs:
     Tantive IV Pursuit
     Escape to Yavin IV

In the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vehicle Stickers page:
       Episode III Arc 170 Stickers
    And on the Custom Backgrounds page:
       ROTS Floor

Hey, does anyone know what happened to


Check this out. I was interviewed by Wired News last week, and now I'm in an article on their webiste: Fans Orbit in Star Wars Galaxy. My famous Vader groom's cake is featured in the slideshow, and my Star Wars wedding is discussed on page 2. Cool!

I haven't finished my editorial on Celebration 3 yet, since it's turning out to be longer than I expected, but it is coming.

Now go see Episode III!


Celebration 3 in Inidanapolis was quite an experience. I had a good time and took plenty of pictures. Expect an editorial on it within a week or two.

For anyone interested, you can now download images and instructions for creating your very own vintage R2 and R5 t-shirts on the Vintage R2 Stickers page: (WARNING: file is 13.1 MB in size).
E-mail me with any other questions you may have about these shirts.

New stuff in the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vehicle Stickers page:
       Vintage Imperial Troop Transport Stickers (talking version)

The Links page has been updated with a link to Parts and Technical.

And lastly, my Trade List has been updated with a few new "wants".


Just a little heads-up for those heading to C3. If you're looking for me (or looking to avoid me), on two days I'll be wearing one of the following t-shirts. Weather permitting, of course.



There's another new font by me in the Fonts section - Mandalorian. It's a screen-accurate font based on Episode II:
    Mandalorian Font

New stuff in the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vintage R2 Stickers page:
       Custom Vintage R2 "Cobot" Stickers
    On the Cinema Scene Backgrounds page:
       Jedi Council Center Floor: Part 1 and Part 2
    On the Custom Backgrounds page:
       Death Star Control Room Background
       Death Star Conference Room Background

Please welcome Alex Newborn to the Guest Customizers section. Alex's customs incorporate the stickers and backgrounds I've posted just above.
       Star Tours Diorama
       Jedi Council Diorama
       Customized Vintage Death Star Playset
       Custom Cobot

My plans to C3 have been finalized. Thanks to everyone who contacted me, especially the guys at the DC Star Wars Collectors Club. Feel free to drop me a line if you're going and want to meet up.

(And I'm too lazy to think up any lame April Fool's jokes.)


Thinking About Star Wars Celebration 3

I've convinced myself that I need to get my butt to Celebration 3 in Indianapolis. I didn't go to C1 or C2 because they seemed like shallow marketing vehicles for Lucasfilm et al. I figure, if these were really for the fans, why not do them every year, instead of once every three years? These things obviously exist to promote the new movies. I'm still cynical, but I realize C3 may be the last official celebration, and I know I'd always regret it if I missed out.

I've lined up some cheap airfare and found reasonable accomodations. The problem is, it looks like I might be going alone.

I really don't know what to expect at the event. I'd like to know if there are any groups out there that I can tag along with (possibly for every waking hour), since I don't really want to walk around by myself. Anyone else out there going alone? Ever gone alone in the past? Please e-mail me with any suggestions, advice, or offers. Thanks!


In the Fonts section I've updated my Sith Prophecy Font page with a second version of the font. I've had to make a few changes due to a great image I've come across of Vader's chest box from ESB. The whole page has been updated with new references and plenty of analysis. In fact, I put so much work into it, I decided to cross-reference the page in the Editorials section as well.

In the Cards, Stickers, & Backgrounds section:
    On the Vehicle Stickers page:
       Vintage Imperial Cruiser Stickers
       Vintage Palitoy X-Wing Stickers
       Vintage Rebel Transport Stickers (7 MB)
       Vintage Redrawn Slave I Stickers
       OTC Millennium Falcon Stickers


Please welcome Glen from Sydney to the Guest Customizers section. Glen's got an amazing collection of vintage stuff, including great dioramas and huge customs of a sandcrawler and Jabba's sail barge. Head on over and check it out.




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