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Non-Buff Lando


I can't believe I've waited so long to make this figure, since the Kenner original (below) is so buff that it's disgusting. The non-buff version is made using the head, arms, and lower body of the Kenner POTF2 Lando and the torso of the POTF2 Ceremonial Luke. The major work on this figure is getting the arms and legs filed down enough so that they match the non-buffness of the torso. The legs were especially hard, because they were so mis-shapen (especially at the knees) in the first place. I made the pants look much less "funky" by narrowing them at the bottom. Despite my efforts, I think the legs look a little spindly. It may be better to use Ackbar legs or Lobot legs (when he comes out - no pun intended).

I also had to cut down the pegs on the arms and head for a better fit in the torso. The raised part of the collar was cut off the POTF2 Lando torso and glued on the Luke one. The figure was finished off with a completely new paint job, except for the head and hands.

The cape was also customized a bit. The collar was cut off, and the portion under where the collar used to be was thinned out because it was rather "tall." Then the collar was glued back on the cape and painted dark blue like the pants. The insides of the cape near the shoulders were dremmeled a bit to thin the cape a little more. I dremeled a hole in the figure's back to fit the peg from the cape.

To see how to make his gun, check out my Correct Rebel Fleet Trooper Rifles. For other non-buff figures, see my Non-Buff Greedo, Stormtrooper, Rebel Fleet Trooper II, Boba Fett, and Carbonite Han.

Kenner's Lando Buffrissian



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