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Bespin Escape Leia


What you need:

  • Mynock Hunt Leia (or Fan Club 4 Hoth Leia)
  • Princess Leia Collection Bespin Leia
  • Regular Leia

This is not a complicated custom; it just takes some time. Start off with the body from the Mynock Hunt Leia (if you're brave enough to actually open it). Then replace the gloved hands with the bare hands from a regular "dog boy" Leia. You could probably use the hands from other female figures as well.

Next, focus on the legs, cutting them below the knees. Replace them with the lower legs from the Bespin Leia figure. Use the shoes from the Mynock Hunt Leia, and then use some sculpey to blend the pieces together.

The last touch is the head. File the braids off the Hynock Hunt Leia 's head. Then glue on the braid "piece" from the Bespin Leia head. I recommend using a thin metal file to create the hair texture on the filed head.

Finish the figure with some brown on the hair and some white on the outfit. I also dry-brushed the white portions with some light grey so it wouldn't be so bright. If you look at the movie, you can see this outfit is definitely white, whereas it does look a little dingy when she's wearing it on Hoth. I assume it was laundered during the stay at Bespin.

If you want to see a vintage version of this figure, check out my Vintage Princess Leia in Bespin Escape Outfit.



This page last modified on 8/25/2006
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