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The Captain Antilles Recipe Tutorial
Painting the Figure

Get your paints, brushes, and thinner ready to do some painting. When you are painting, you will need at least two coats of each paint (since acrylic paints can be somewhat thin). Be sure to allow about 10 minutes for each coat to dry. If you donít, then you may smear the paint or get fingerprint marks on the figure.


Step 9

Paint the pants, arms, and vest (inside and out) tan. Be sure
to bend the legs to get on the bottom of the figure's pelvis
(i.e., butt, fanny, booty, rump, etc.).


Step 10

Paint a black stripe down the outside legs of his pants. In
order to make the stripe as straight as possible, place the
drafting tape on the legs as shown and paint between the
pieces of tape.


No picture necessary.

Step 11

Paint the belt and boots dark reddish-brown (if you canít
find this color off the shelf, what you can do is mix red,
brown, and a pinch of black together).


No picture necessary.

Step 12

Paint the shirt olive.


No picture necessary.

Step 13

Next, paint the belt buckle and the top of his right vest
pocket silver.


Step 14

Mix some Brown with Tan. Use this color (a dark tan) to
paint the shoulders of the vest. In order to get straight
lines, use the drafting tape in the same way as you did
in step 10.


No picture necessary.

Step 15

Paint two blue dots on the silver block on the vest (this
shows that his rank is captain).


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