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Rebel Gunner


    "During the Battle of Endor, Rebel Gunners played a critical role in manning the turbolaser batteries of the large Calamari Cruisers. Much like the Imperial Gunners on board the Death Star, Rebel Gunners used sophisticated environmental sighting helmets to help target their guns on oncoming fighters. Following their success at the Battle of Endor, Rebel Gunners were regularly assigned to the many battle cruisers of the New Republic."

Okay, I made that up. This is a creation inspired mostly by loose parts I had lying around. I figured that it was conceivable for the Rebels to modify the Imperial Gunner helmets in the same way that they had modified other Imperial technology to suit their needs. In my design, I tried to combine the look of the Rebel Fleet Troopers with the look of the Rebel uniforms in ROJ.

I think it's impossible to use the boil and pop method to get the Imperial Gunner head out of the torso with the peg, so I had to glue on another peg. To spiff up the head a bit, I glued a pin into the box on the side of the helmet.

The torso is from an AT-ST driver. The upper arms are from the Lando General, slightly repositioned by cutting at the middle of the upper arm. The gloves are from a vintage AT-ST driver, but I'm sure most gloves will do.

The pelvis and legs are from General Veers. The pelvis was majorly filed down to get rid of the ends of Veers' jacket and his huge belt buckle. The jacket lines were removed from the legs as well. The left leg had a large "poof" of fabric that I cut off the side. Since Veers is so tall, I also had to cut down the legs above the boots to shorten him.

The helmet was painted with several coats of white, and the "eye" of the helmet was painted dark red. The legs, pelvis, and neck portion of the helmet were painted light grey. The chest and shoulders were painted a sort of light brown. The arms were painted light blue. The gloves and boots were painted black. The belt and holster were painted dark brown, and the belt buckle was painted dark grey. The red Rebel insignia on the helmet is hand painted. I finished the figure with a gloss coat on the helmet, gloves, boots, and belt buckle, and a dull coat everywhere else.



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