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Imperial Scanning Crew


The base for both figures was obviously the AT-ST driver body with the head and gloves removed. For the scanner tech on the left I used the forearms from a regular POTF2 Han and the head from a Tarkin, with a hat added. The features on the Tarkin head were altered a bit by filing. This figure was also made a little shorter by cutting and removing a portion of the legs above the boots. The tech on the right has Rebel Fleet Trooper forearms and a Piett head. I had originally hoped to just paint the arms on the figures, but the difference between paint and plastic was too obvious, so I opted for painting all of the jumpsuit on each figure. The scanning case is from the Snowtrooper E-Web cannon.

I made these figures because I personally refuse to pay $15-20 for each Scanning Technician with the Millennium Falcon case.



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