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Sentry Stormtroopers

Don't make me take out my sculpey.


Yes, another stormtrooper custom. It was inspired by the pose of my Stormtrooper Room Alarm. I repositioned the POTF2 Luke Stormtrooper's arms in order to make this pose. The left hand had to but cut up and repositioned to hold the barrel of the blaster better. I totally cut off the black elbow pieces on the figure. I then had to use sculpey to build new elbows that were bent. The holster on the utility belt is also made of sculpey. Since this is my first attempt at using sculpey, I think it came out pretty well. I "fired" it by putting the figure in a glass of water and boiling it in the microwave. When the water began to boil, it was done. Thanks to Kevin K. of the Forgotten Force for the tip. I think the Luke Stormtrooper is the one to use for customizing, since he actually has a neck.

This figure was scanned, not photographed. What I did was take the inner box from the Death Star Escape Cinema Pack and twist-tie the floor piece down so it wouldn't move. Then I put the figure on a foot peg firmly, and laid the box face-down on the scanner. In the side view, you can see that his right foot is not on the ground, but oh well.


This is pretty much a buddy to go with my first Sentry Stormtrooper. The torso, head, and arms are from the Luke Stormtrooper, and the legs and pelvis are from the regular stormtrooper. The elbows have been redone in sculpey, along with the holster. The right hand was slightly repositioned to hold the barrel of the blaster.

Commtech Vader flanked by my Sentry Stormtroopers



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