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Review: Magic of the Myth Exhibit

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In June of 2001, I visited the "Star Wars: Magic of the Myth" exhibit when it appeared at Houston's Museum of Fine Arts. Was I glad I went? Is it worth going to?

Hell yes! I encourage everyone to go, and I might even say it was "wizard"! (If I were inclined to say such things.) In general, the exhibit was a great look at original pieces from the Lucasfilm archives. The models of vehicles were especially great. And it was wonderful to be able to look at things up close from different angles. Eye candy a-plenty.

However, there were a few things about the exhibit that rubbed me the wrong way. Upon close inspection, some pieces might make the hardcore fan do a double-take, like the wrong lightsabers being displayed, things out of scale, etc.

On the next several pages, you can see pictures and read my comments on various pieces in the exhibit. I do not, however, have pictures of everything. If you've never seen "Star Wars: Magic of the Myth" in person while it's toured around the country, an excellent way to experience it online is at the National Air and Space Museum's Virtual Tour. They have pictures of everything (except the Star Destroyer and the Episode I stuff), and you can even hear the in-tour commentary from James Earl Jones.

But on to the pictures and my in-depth review, which is divided into the following segments:



Imperial Star Destroyer - A whole page devoted to this amazing model, with pictures from several different angles


Imperial Fighters - TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, and TIE Interceptor


Rebel Alliance Ships - Escape Pod, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, B-Wing

Costumes & Creatures


Costumes - Droids, Stormtrooper, Tusken Raider, Snowtrooper, Imperial Officer


Creatures - Jabba, Rappertunie (pictures from multiple angles)

Personal Devices


Lightsabers - Luke's ESB Saber, Luke's ROJ Saber, Vader's ROJ saber, and Vader's Helmet Disassembled


Speeder Bike - Close-ups of the Imperial alphabet seen on the side of the bike

Episode I


Page 1 - Introduction & Anakin


Page 2 - Anakin's Podracer & Darth Maul



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