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Welcome to "The Chopping Block," a little place where I let loose my critical opinions of Star Wars.


Review: Revenge Of The Sith (4-11-2006)

Sith Prophecy Font: An Analysis of the Text on Darth Vader's Chest Box (2-26-2005, updated on 2-1-2006)

Review: Attack Of The Clones (8-10-2004)

What Does That Screen Say? An Analysis of Aurebesh Screens in ROJ (9-13-2002)

Review: Magic of the Myth Exhibit (12-7-2001)

Editorial II: Attack Of The Sucky Title (8-6-2001)

Review: The Phantom Menace (4-9-2000)

Some Thoughts on Star Wars Geeks (4-12-1999)


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