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FAQ: Stickers & Backgrounds

I try to print the images on your Stickers & Backgrounds page, but they donít print out right. Whatís wrong?

    If you are printing from your browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer), STOP! It will NEVER work; the images will print too big. The problem comes from the difference between the resolution of the browser (72 DPI) versus the resolution of the image (100 DPI or higher). The higher the resolution of the image, the bigger it will appear in your browser. If you donít believe me and you still want to print from your browser, go ahead, but youíll just be wasting paper. I promise.

    To print them right, you first need to download the images to your computer. To do this, right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the image itself (not the link to the image, nor the thumbnail), then select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As." A window will open asking you to select where you want to save the file on your computer. Pick a location (for example, c:\pictures) and click on Ok.

    After downloading the file, you have many printing options. Itís critical to have an image editing program that will know the correct size to print the images. I know Adobe PhotoShop and Corel PhotoPaint will work, but Iím sure there are plenty others. If youíre using the image as a sticker, you can buy special paper that has an adhesive side, or you can just glue the paper onto something. If the image is bigger than your printerís paper size, I suggest you use the image editing program to "cut" the image into pieces that will fit on single pieces of paper. Print the pieces separately and then paste/glue/tape them together. If you need a super high quality print that doesnít need to be pieced together, I suggest you go to Kinkoís or someplace similar.

What kind of "paper" should I use to print stickers/decals

What resolution are the images on your Stickers and Backgrounds page?

    The scan can only be as good as the original, so it depends on the quality of the original. For example, some sticker sheets have a very low resolution to begin with, so I may only scan them at 100 DPI (dots per inch). Generally, the images are between 150 and 300 DPI. If you think the resolution of any image on my Stickers and Backgrounds page is too low, please e-mail me.

Iíd like to send you a scan for your Stickers and Backgrounds page. What resolution should the image be?

    First of all, let me thank you for contributing to the collection of Stickers and Backgrounds. Because of all the contributions people have made, this is a wonderful resource. However, thereís still a lot out there, so please donít stop sending me stuff.

    In order to have the best possible quality, please send images with a resolution of 300 DPI. Once I get the image from you, I may lower the DPI as long as it does not affect the image quality.


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