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FAQ: Fonts

How do I install fonts so I can use them in Word (and other programs)?

    To download and install fonts on Windows, follow these steps:

    1. Right-click on the ZIP file, select "Save Target As", then save the ZIP file to your computer.
    2. Use WinZip to open the ZIP file and extract the TTF file to someplace you'll remember (such as the desktop).
    3. Open the Control Panel and select Fonts. The Fonts window will open.
    4. In the Fonts window, click on the File menu and select "Install New Font". The Add Fonts window will open.
    5. In the Add Fonts window, use the folders to browse to where you saved the TTF file (such as the desktop), and you'll see it appear in the list of fonts.
    6. Click once on the font name to select it.
    7. Click OK to install. You should now be able to use the font in your programs.

What is kerning? How do I use it?

    Kerning is used to reduce unsightly spaces that sometimes appear between letters because of their shapes. I have adjusted the kerning for many of my fonts so that the letters fit more closely together. Here's an example of kerning in my Galactic Basic font.

    However, kerning isn't always automatic; it usually needs to be turned on in the program you're using. For example, to enable kerning in Word, select Format, Font, Character Spacing, then enable "kerning for fonts".

    I have noticed that kerning is turned on in Adobe Photoshop by default. Photoshop calls kerning "Metrics".

Can I put your fonts on my website so people can download them?

    You definitely can. I make these fonts so people can use them. The more sites they're on, the more they'll be seen and hopefully used.

    If you decide to feature my fonts on your site, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. I'm not saying you need my permission. My ego just needs a little lift every now and then.

    And lastly, please don't alter or omit the text files and images that come in the ZIP with my fonts.


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