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FAQ: Guest Customizers

Can I be a Guest Customizer at the Imperial Gallery?

    You sure can. And itís free! There are just a few criteria you must meet:
    • You must provide a picture and recipe for every custom you submit - A recipe is worthless without a picture, since people want to SEE what your customs look like. And a picture without a recipe will just lead to people sending you e-mail asking how you made the figure.
    • Your customs cannot be displayed anywhere else - The goal of the Guest Customizers section is for your customs to be seen on the Internet. If theyíre already on the Internet somewhere else, please understand that my server space is limited.
    • Please be patient with me - Sometimes it may take me a week or two to get your customs up on the Imperial Gallery. Heck, sometimes it takes me a week or two to get MY customs up. Itís all a matter of how much free time I have.

How should I send you pictures and recipes for my customs?

    The best way is to e-mail them to me. I can get them up a lot quicker. If you snail mail me hard copies of your pictures and recipes, that will work too; however, it will take me longer to scan the photos and type in the recipes. If you scan your pictures, please scan at 150 DPI.

What happens when I get my own page and I stop being a Guest Customizer at the Imperial Gallery?

    First of all, I congratulate you. Iíll be talking your pictures off The Imperial Gallery, but I'll put a link to your site in the Guest Customizers section. And Iíll be happy to e-mail to you whatever JPGs and HTML files I have for your customs, so you can save time making your new pages.


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This page last modified on 8/25/2006
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