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All of the Star Wars fonts featured here were either created by me or sent in by the fonts' authors. These fonts are freeware. If you're interested in having me feature your Star Wars font here, please e-mail me. For tips on how to install fonts, visit my Fonts FAQ.

NOTE: These are all True Type Fonts, which are designed to work on PCs. If you want to use these fonts on a Macintosh, click here to download a conversion utility.


To see stuff people have made with my fonts, like tattoos, check out my Fonts In Action page.


by Iconian Fonts and Erikstormtrooper
A readable Latin/English typeface that replicates the look of my Metal Rebel font. Dan from Iconian Fonts did most of the work on this, and I made a few suggestions. This typeface includes multiple fonts (italic, bold, outline, etc.), each with an expanded set of 216 characters!


New Futhork
by Erikstormtrooper
A canon version of the Star Wars alphabet known as "Naboo Futhork", which appears prominently in Episode I.


by Erikstormtrooper
A movie-accurate version of the Mandalorian font, as seen in the Episode II Visual Dictionary and the menu screens of the 2004 Star Wars DVD release.


Sith Prophecy
by Erikstormtrooper
A Sith font based on the writing that appears on Darth Vader's chest box.


Metal Rebel
by Erikstormtrooper
Based on an obscure inscription from a Y-Wing pilot's helmet in Return of the Jedi.


Dark Katarn
by Erikstormtrooper
A forgotten font from some early LucasArts games, from the days before anyone had ever heard of Aurebesh.


by Erikstormtrooper
An Aurebesh-looking version of the English alphabet. 'Nuff said.


Galactic Basic
by Erikstormtrooper
A more movie-accurate version of the popular Aurebesh. Includes rightside-up characters (as seen in Return of the Jedi) and upside-down characters (as seen in Attack of the Clones). My first attempt at fonting.


by Peter Schuster Jun
Peter Schuster Jun presents his version of the font seen on Trade Federation console displays. Peter based his version on technical files from, around the time Episode I was released.


by Peter Schuster Jun
This is Peter Schuster Jun's version of Aurebesh. Peter did a great job on this, but he admits that the numbers are a little small.


by Unknown
This is the classic Star Wars lettering font, as used in all three of the movie titles. I apologize that I do not remember who created this, but I am positive it was freeware. (Since the author of this font is unknown, it obviously wasn't sent to me. I came across it long ago, and I'm leaving it here for consistency's sake.)
  • In my humble opinion, Star Vader is a bit sloppy looking. I've since found a much nicer version called "Red Five", available for free at Red Five is the font I used to create the red "ERIKSTORMTROOPER" in my logo at the top of this page.
  • Another nice variation on this typeface is called "Astro", available at David Occhino Design. (David also has a good Aurebesh alternative.)


       Font Links
    Here are some excellent Star Wars sites for fonts. You will see that many fonts are listed on more than one site:


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