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Growing Up With Star Wars

Here are some pictures from my childhood and that of my family members, presented in rough chronological order. They all relate to Star Wars in one way or another. Unlike some "Here's a picture of me; here's a picture of my dog" websites, I think these pictures might interest people other than family members and close friends. These pictures present the cultural phenomenon of Star Wars as experienced by children. I encourage any of you who may have pictures like this to look for them. There is definitely a special magic between Star Wars and children, and I am personally envious of anyone who is now able to share the excitement of Star Wars with their children. I hope you will enjoy and be amused by these pictures; maybe they'll bring you back to those funky seventies if you remember them.

Where the whole stormtrooper obsession began.

Nestled in my bed, I dream of future trilogies.

With great patience (and a funkier mustache than I could ever hope for), my father applies the stickers to the Millennium Falcon.

My cousin Brad (the blond-haired pretzel) and I ponder how long it will take us to break the wings off this X-Wing.

The best chance the Saints ever had.

I'll never forget my Boba Fett figure. But who the hell is this lady?

You don't know the power of chocolate.

Gearing up for Halloween with my sisters.

"Oh my, R2. This is all your fault!"

Hey mom, guess who I ran into at Sears.

I was so filled with glee about my new Snowspeeder that my eyes turned red.

Quite possibly the coolest toy I ever had.

Definitely the coolest toy my sister Gretchen ever had.

Gretchen at Mardi Gras using the dark side of the Force to gain beads and kisses.

My sisters Heidi and Gretchen with a handful o' figures.

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