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Guest Customizers

Jason Weatherly

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Check out Jason Weatherly's new customizing site, The Droid Factory Customs.


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Quinlan Vos

Luke X-Wing

Jabba's Palace Playset

Custom Death Star

Custom Cantina

Biggs Darklighter

Ben Kenobi

X-Wing Luke and Snowspeeder Luke

Bespin Escape Leia

Endor Leia

Imperial Guard Lando

ROTJ Chewie

Endor Luke

Rebel Fleet Trooper 1

Rebel Fleet Trooper 2

Rebel General


Black R2 unit


Tusken Raider

Articulated Darth Maul

Wrenga Jixton (Jix)

TIE Fighter Pilot

Imperial Moff

Imperial Officers

Dannik Jerriko



Djas Puhr

Garouf Lafoe

Yerka Mig

Rycar Ryjerd (Cantina Midget)

Bo Shek

Tonnika Sisters

Danz Borin



Hem Dazon


Boba Fett


Captain Antilles


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